Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beat The Booze Affirmations

By definition, an affirmation is a statement that's regularly restated to accent its message.

Affirmations may be verbally or mentally restated - or read from written copy.

The words of an affirmation statement by themselves - when verbalized, thought about, or read without a visualized (pictorial) result or a strong emotional association, are weak affirmations. Affirmations, once worded correctly and affiliated with emotionally charged feelings are able to tap into the positive power of your subconscious and sustain the results you want.

I solely consume alcohol in moderation.
I decide to be healthy and feel good.
I know that my body is a temple and I choose to respect that by making fit choices.

The importance of repeating can't be overemphasized. It imprints the affirmation into your subconscious. Each exposure compounds the effect.

Picture the end result like a clear snapshot image in your brain. Be passionate about what you witness. Keep the picture in your mind till you feel the matching emotion as distinctly as the picture. Then, think cautiously about the meaning of the words as you recite them.

The might is in the combination of mental image, feeling and easily understood result. Restating affirmations on a regular basis produces results much faster than restating them from time to time. The results of your sessions continue building on one another and have a compounding effect.

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  1. it always states that drink moderately..its not good also that we feel that we are drunk we still drink because we wanted to..take control of yourself, good meditation will help you lessen and can let you out of that addiction