Sunday, September 2, 2012

Holistic Addiction Treatment - A Review

A lot of addicts ask, “What is used in holistic addiction treatment?” In addition, the addict’s acquaintances and loved ones might likewise ask and question how it may benefit their loved one.

Holistic addiction treatment is a comprehensive and progressive treatment system that centers on treating the whole person. An crucial point about holistic addiction treatment is that it provides a wide range of therapies that go a long way in assisting the person in full recovery. Additionally, these addiction treatment platforms likewise foster peace (which you know is crucial if you read my blog).

I have come across an outstanding program that uses holistic treatment for addictions. While checking into the program that uses a holistic approach (which, remember, centers on the whole person) I came across Holistic Light Addiction Rehab Center.

This program uses the treatments developed by Dr. Jacob Marshak (The Marshak Method). Dr. Marshak, after graduating from school in Russia began one of the first private rehab centers in Russia. He as well is a Kundalini Yoga teacher (yoga is used in holistic treatment, hence the "peace" part). Due to the glowing testimonials on the website, I was compelled to investigate further as it's important that addicts have an individualized plan and a center that actually cares about their recovery.

As I searched the net I found that Dr. Marshak is really a world renowned therapist and his treatment is well respected. The treatment includes therapeutic exercise to help manage mood swings that addicts have an issue with during and after recovery. As well the program includes special supplements to aid in recovery. Which if you follow this blog at all you know that I totally have faith in and have provided you info on that subject.

I say yay! I have long wondered why it is that conventional medicine and holistic medicine couldn't just get along and provide a better resolution for any patient, especially addicts. As well, there are testimonials from patients treated at Holistic Light Addiction Rehab Center. The reviews are glowing. But as addicts are usually skeptical by nature I knew that this alone would likely not be enough. However, to my surprise I found that this center provides a guarantee. This was surprising to me as many centers unfortunately count on the fact that addiction can mean a long cycle of recovery and relapse which pads their pockets. The last thing an addict needs is to feel they are not personally cared about and that the very people that are there to help them are concerned about everything but their true recovery. So a guarantee blew my mind!

If you follow anything here you know that the subject of addiction has had a personal impact in my life, being a mother of an addict. I am not in the habit of endorsing any one place or treatment as I believe each person requires treatment that is "just for them". That being said, I am impressed with this award winning program that centers on the needs of each "individual". After all, addiction is NOT a "one size fits all" thing.

My final thought to you today is, if you have an addiction you might already be at the place where you know that you need to stop. You may be battling with your recovery (as is the case with most if not all addicts). But getting the best care you can is essential to your total recovery and according to my research Holistic Light Addiction Rehab Center is a fantastic place for you to begin your journey.

Check it out for yourself here :

As always, my thoughts and prayers with you.

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