Monday, January 28, 2008

Are You Creative and Have Something to Say?

If you are a creative person and like to share your poetry, send me an email with the poem you would like to have posted.

I will review it and if it fits with this topic, I will post it and share your feelings with all.

Featured Poems

sorry sug
By: Gypsy

a present from a demon what's this omen that's arrived
soulless orbs , yellow sick cast
red pupil center'd eyes

playing games with war darts filled with poison meant for veins, nightmares assemble youth now trembles assimilate your bane

displacer cloak on shoulders sexxy streaming through the wind,

making invisibility, sure, go figure, we can all pretend

they all can see those black peeperz gleaming sport, shining a monster's sin

can you just feign off feeling frightened Chief and accept this as your fate

you drew this straw you registered the second you chose our date,

Imagine that...
trust me sug...

what the fukkk r u gonna do?

you could die before the new sun dawns,

KING, QUEEN, WARRIOR, General, frightened miniscule PAWN...
pick one chump,

but pick just one - to whome will you be true

a resume filled of things disgraceful so sure that they were not you,
not even on a wildest whim
recessing even az u have in the bowels of depravity
bearing every weakness through a toothless grin

once upon a long time back astride a worthy steed,


Not now...
But HOW, sweet Prince?
But how indeed...

Not since PRECIOUS...
that Icy cold !$#$%,
with her rose fragranced pinkness and grace,
not since her ether based deliscious taste
when that spike made you first bleed

A Gypsy KING!


Once phat with bling,
pockets all flush with cash


Deep and purple plush
filled all up with this bad mans rush,

A Gypsy KING with flash none could, would, should endeavor to compare

GYPSY KINGS so rare, so Princely fair, you and ol'Chrissy sure were "THE PAIR"

Then that freefall from on up HIGH
as all spellbound watched you plummet,

the entire trainwreck
oh you clueless clown
just grinning your patented "ah hell, fukkit" frown,

like a BOLT you flamed down from the sky

The Surgeon white clad, quotin', "*@%*, this oughta be bad, ya know for years I've known THIS guy",
standing stark still deep deepity deep in the shadows,
just hangin out, prick just waiting - just standin' by

Then that fair Gypsy King fallen,
a spike hangin' outa his chest,

with a everlong - eternal
drawn out
ceaseless glimmer
taste becoming dimmer,
a soul shuddering shiver
and that breath becoming thinner, thinner yet thinner;


Clarity, wow,
the thoughts then presented, of a LIFE a GOD intended
that brain pan began to simmer,



just consider


DAUGHTER! Muther fuckkkker, DAUGHTER, straight up.

14 years now,
still not believing HOW


through the GRACE OF GOD,
State simply,



Before Meth/After Meth

By: sotired

Before Meth
Your beautiful smile
Brightened up my day
After Meth
Your beautiful smile
Simply went away

Before Meth,
I could sleep
The whole night through
After Meth,
I stay awake
Wondering and waiting for you

Before Meth
I could count on you
To always be around
After Meth
I look for you
But you're no where to be found

Before Meth
I could leave my wallet and my purse
Laying on the ground
After Meth
I take my wallet and my purse
And hide them so they can't be found

Before Meth
The curtains were open, the door was unlocked
and we answered the phone too
After Meth
You peek through the curtains or the holes in the garage
It could be the cops or the bad guys to get you

Before Meth
You'd go to the store
And come back right away
After Meth
You'd go to the store
And we might not see you for another day

Before Meth
We were a family
Doing family things
After Meth
Family? Family?
You don't even know what that means

Before Meth
You loved your kids
With everything you had
After Meth
You don't see them or call them
It's like they don't even have a dad

Before Meth
I felt love
Like I've never felt before
After Meth
You treat me like I'm the devil
You hate me to the core.

Before Meth
I never knew drugs could change someone
So completely
After Meth
I don't know who you are anymore
You're not the man I loved so deeply.


By Sterling

Its filled with hurt, filled with pain
Dealing with the same problems on a daily basis
Wandering around aimless with not a damn thing to gain

Others tell me to put a smile on my face
They say its not that bad
But do they know what it's like
To wish to be covered with a body bag

I wonder
Will things ever change?
Or will I live life
With happiness completely out of my range

As I sit and think the anger sets in
A demon constantly stands at the foot of my bed
Its only goal
Is to take over my head

I can only take so much
The pain is to deep, so I turn to the drugs
All I really ever wanted
Is a life full of love and hugs

Having dreams
of slit wrists
myself dying
my stomach twists

Numerous sleepless nights
Drenched in sweat with suicide on my mind
I cannot find help
I look for it with no luck, it is as if I am blind

I fall into the dark
It begins to consume my soul
I cannot break free
Inside my body there is constantly an empty hole

I believe everyone in this life
Has a reason to exist, but not me
People with careers are happy
But I wonder in 5 years where will I be?

But the answer is clear, almost obvious
Probably in a hole in the ground or in a cell
So I ask myself
Should I end it myself and end this living hell

*- No Stone Unturned -*
by Scrypt

And so I turn the stone again,
Fingers clasped around its shiny sides
Easing round with every squeeze
Heavy in the palm of my hand
What right have I to feel so sad?
I'm just a pebble cast aside amid the rest,
No striking colour, funny shape or hidden gem,
And so, I turn my stone again
Suddenly an impulse grabs me from behind
I slip, tumbling relentlessly towards the sea
I turn the stone once more
And skip it free
And so I leave my stone, unturned.

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