Monday, October 6, 2008

The DXM, Robo Trippin and Triple C Trend

DXM and some other cough and cold medicines used for what is called Robo trippin or Triple C, are sold legally without a prescription because it doesn’t get people high when taken in small doses. At doses of 4 ounces or more of cough syrup, DXM produces effects similar to those of PCP. DXM, Robo trippin and Triple C can produce hallucinations, depressed breathing, elevated blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. Overdoses can cause seizures, comas and can kill you the first time!!

Emergency rooms and schools across the US are reporting that waves of our young people are overdosing on non-prescription cough and cold medicines that they can get in drugstores and supermarkets. Whether in cough syrup (Robo trippin), or pills (Triple C), DXM is cheap and easy to get. And disturbingly, ER doctors are saying that they began seeing DXM overdoses among teens three or four years ago, and that lately they have seen as many as four cases a week.

DXM, Robo Trippin and Triple C overdoses typically occur in clusters, as more kids find out about it in middle schools and high schools. This fall, at a middle school in Naples, Fla., several youths in their early teens, suddenly passed out in class after overdosing on the drug.

Another round of overdoses occurred at a high school in Florida. A 15-year-old girl and two of her friends did Triple C before school. By 10:45 a.m. it was reported that the girl "couldn't remember her own name.” When paramedics could not stabilize her heartbeat, she had to be air lifted to a hospital. Authorities learned later that she got the pills from a boy who had taken them from his home.

The federal government does not keep statistics on DXM, Robo Trippin and Triple C abuse, but it is causing deaths all over the US. DXM abusers, drug specialists say, typically are young teens who are seeking a cheap alternative to drugs that are more expensive and more difficult to get.

It's something people aren't really informed about yet, however the word is getting out and some pharmacies are taking precautionary measures. This is wonderful…However...

DXM, Robo Trippin and Triple C have been documented to cause liver damage, comma and death, even in the first time user. If you have young people in your home…..Stay informed and aware! If you’re considering using ….It’s not worth the risk! Don’t do it!

Triple C Killed Lucia (R.I.P)

There are lots of these video stories about the loss that happens to beautiful young people from overdose on youtube....It makes you think. Don't Do It!

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