Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things To Really Consider For Recovery

What is your gift to the world? What is your mission? Giving to others can have vast effects on your life and recovery. Whatever it is, here are a few ‘rules of thumb’ that might help you provide your gift and fulfill your dream on the road to recovery.

1. Hear  your own inner wisdom

There are so many thoughts waving around in this world, and so many experts clamorously proclaiming which way we ought to  go and how we ought to  live our lives. I've nothing against any of them. But I've learned over the years — one of the graces of aging — that I may and must trust the wisdom of my own heart. Of course I am speaking of lucid and sober heart.

It’s a lesson that was impressed on me indelibly when I was young  experiencing an urge to do things I knew I should not be doing. So many reasons not to do it – individuals I loved questioning my sanity.Trust your inner wisdom. Trust the innate wisdom of your own being. My heart truly did know how my life ought to unfold and my life was blessed as I listened to what it was stating to me. And deep down we know what is and what isn't good for us when we are in those sober moments.

2. Be humble

Humbleness is so easily neglected in our fast paced world. Regrettably, it may tend to carry an impression of cowering, of weakness. But real humility is really a sign of straight strength.

It’s not that we go around stooping to others. No. We stoop to the following phase of our recovery, we stoop to the greatness that's back of all life, we stoop to the divine character longing to be given greater expression through us. Humbleness is an crucial aspect of true character and it may alter your life in a heartbeat.

3. One step at a time

I have to thank certain people in my life for this one. It has been drilled it into my head ever since I was a child. The funny thing is, this approach never bombs. It doesn’t matter how crazy busy or upside down your life might get, if you wish to keep yourself free of bigger troubles, slow down a bit and remind yourself as frequently as you need to, “One step at a time, one step at a time…”

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