Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Detox With A Patch For Addicts And Others

Reflexologists refer to the foot as the "second heart" because it has over 60 meridian acupressure points that are the reflective zones of our major internal organs. There are products named cleanse patchs that are effective for detox.

Simply wearing a patch on the sole affects all meridian points. As gravity and our body's own normal defense move toxins away from vital organs, our feet become the "storage place" for toxins. The patch is an aid to capture and remove these toxins.

You put one patch on each foot before going to bed for five nights. Everyone is different. People that are not addicts get nearly all the toxins out of their system by the 5th day. Addicts have more toxins built up their system and it will take longer. You will know if you should continue after the 5th day if the patches are still very dark. This means that there are still a lot of toxins in your system and you will benefit greatly by continuing to use them.

In extreme cases (like addicts), some people will need to 15 days or more. Once you complete your first cleanse and remove most of the toxins from your system, a maintenance is recommended. Look for good quality patches said that are said to be much more effective than other cheap detox patches out there. A inferior product needs the customers to wear the patches for 4-6 weeks straight before the patches start to lighten (if they get lighter at all).

Look for patches that contain Organic Agaricus Mushroom, Organic Tourmaline, and Organic Eucalyptus Sap Powder, if you can afford them. These are the three primary and necessary ingredients needed for detox patches to work. Most companies will use one or two of these ingredients combined with fillers and other non-effective ingredients. It is very expensive to use these three substances and therefore most companies don't.

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