Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are You Listening to Your Body When Facing Relapse Or Addiction?

Are you running around taking care of other people and neglecting yourself?

Are you swamped with too much work and pressure to get things done?

Do you collapse at night wondering if there will ever be enough time?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you can be sure that you need to take better care of your physical self. You’ll never have the time or energy for what you need if you don’t.

When you rush around doing things or taking care of other people, you can be sure that you have lost your sense of self. When you lose your sense of self, you most probably stop listening to your body.

Health issues and weight concerns and addiction are always a sign of not listening to your self. Your body is sending warning signals to you.

Relapse, weight gain or loss, tiredness, digestion problems, and aches and pains are all warning signals. Are you listening to your body?

A heart attack or relapse are two examples of extreme warning signals that things are not working properly. There are many more extreme examples. All of them are indications of not listening to your body.

Do you want to change your consciousness in order to have a healthier, clean and sober you? Do you want to regain a sense of self? Do you want to listen to your body and keep yourself healthy and happy for as long as possible and to be clean and sober?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably wondering, how do I change my behavior? You have probably tried many things and none of them have worked.

The first step in change is awareness of a problem. Your awareness has now been raised.

The second step is motivating yourself to change. Look back at your life when you were in the worst possible place, if you do not regain a sense of self, and start listening to your body, you’ll be there again. Addicts are more motivated by the desire to avoid pain than to gain pleasure, so your imagination will be an important part of getting you on a healthier path and keeping you on that path.

Just keep imagining yourself with an extreme illness or at rock bottom because you didn’t listen to your body, and you will have a better chance of paying attention.

The third step is creating a clear vision of what you want to be doing. Talk to your clean and sober friends, investigate what path you want be on and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The fourth step is getting support for your change process if doing it on your own is not bringing about the results you desire. Again, don’t be afraid to reach out to your support system and if you don’t have one find one at your local AA or NA meeting.

When you receive loving support from another human being, you are more able to internalize that support, and then give it to yourself.

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