Thursday, August 28, 2008

Suicide The Right way….I’m Disgusted With The Internet

Ok all, we are a society of Google this and Google that. I am becoming disgusted with and feeling terribly saddened with our culture and the internet. Do you realize that there are sites that provide information on the “how to’s’ of committing suicide with information stating to make sure that the person dies….. Unbelievable!

Unfortunately I found this out in a horrifying way. Several weeks ago I published a hub about self harm. I had come home to my office looking as if someone had been murdered. The victim…my 18 year old son. The same son with the drug problems, problems with the law and bi-polar disorder. He did survive…this time…thank god and a good friend of his who answered his terrified phone call that he had made a huge mistake and needed help.

She drove him to the hospital where he required 72 staples and only had 2 pints of blood left in his young body. I was unfortunately away from the house at the time, but when I was able to talk to him about it he lied and said it was a self harm episode that got out of control. Of course self harm is bad enough….but he swore it was not a suicide attempt. I attempted to address the self harm issue… but was going in the wrong direction.

Just a few days ago I was placing some search terms into my Google bar and to my horror the search term about committing suicide the right way came up in the history. This is not the correct search term for the explicit information I found as I refuse to promote that search term! Upon further investigation….there are numerous places to get detailed information on this subject….. Kids providing kids with this suicide info. Oh my God!

I refuse to list any of the sites here and am leery about even posting the search term I did. The point is that the internet is a tool. It can be a tool of destruction and frankly there are sites that turn my stomach. However, if used correctly it can also be a helpful tool of discovery.

Parents…. Be sure to set up your internet to log the sites that your child visits and check those addresses frequently. This can give you great insight into what’s going on with your child. A partial help is setting parental controls, but this won’t filter out all of these ‘suicide’ sites.

As for the sites I found….I did create a log-in and left my 2 cents worth…. How much good it will do is probably next to none, but getting the word out may do some good.

Reach out to someone today....who knows you may save thier life!

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