Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Film On The Real Dangers Associated With Meth

Our society is getting lost in the popular trend , methamphetamine, also known as speed, crank, ice, glass, crystal meth, sketch, go, junk, wake up, zoom, crystal, cridium, stuff, tweak, dope, and lines. This substance is snorted, smoked, injected and eaten. Now available is "Tweaked: A Generation in Overdrive". This is a 50 minute film with the intimate details of a family who struggled through meth addiction to recovery.

Meth is typically sold in 1/4 gram ($20-25), one gram ($50-75), and 1/8 ounce ($140-180) whick makes it cheaper and more accessible than cocaine. Police say $100 can buy a cocaine user a twenty-minute high; the same amount can keep a meth user buzzed for a day or two.

The life ruining drug Meth, now rivals cocaine as the drug of choice in many parts of the United States. Unlike cocaine, meth does not need to be smuggled into the United States as it’s made right in peoples homes. The Federal Government recently reported, "While cocaine use continues to slow, meth has taken its place as the most widely abused drug in the United States." At the same time, the U.S. Department of Justice has named meth the "drug of choice" among youth.

The films: "Tweaked" and "Tweaked: A Generation in Overdrive", present a warning of the real dangers associated with Meth abuse growing in America. The first film, "Tweaked", presents the problem with little hope or solution. Running 20 minutes, the length and graphic content send a devastating wakeup call to any addict or potential user that this drug KILLS.

"Tweaked: A Generation in Overdrive" is a 50 minute film with the same message as "Tweaked" plus the intimate details of a family who struggled through meth addiction to recovery. This longer, more detailed version is informative and should be viewed by youth, parents and community leaders in order to fully understand the problem and see the potential for escape.

The makers of the film series issue this WARNING:
These two films contain hard to watch images of graphic violence and abuse caused by those addicted to Meth. You can find the film series here:

You can also visit The Addicts Attic education video page to download and watch free Meth education videos.

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