Friday, February 29, 2008

What you need to know about the killer drug…Crystal Meth.: Part 3

Meth is an illegal and an addictive drug and has a direct effect on the nervous system. When inhaled, crystal meth carries toxic substances to the human body.

The effects of meth:

Crystal meth influences the human body both mentally and physically. Here are the various effects of crystal meth on personality:

Psychological Effects:
(1) The euphoric effects of crystal meth are remarkably similar to that of cocaine.

(2) Crystal meth brings about psychological complications a lot faster than other kinds of prohibited drugs. The psychological effects of crystal meth carry on for around eight to twenty-four hours.

(3) Due to the fact that the effects of the crystal meth last for a longer period of time, first time crystal meth users are even more prone to use the substance for a second time.

(4) Crystal meth users will probably use the substance more frequently.

(5) Because crystal meth causes the users to stay wide awake for extended periods, which is about eight to twenty-four hours, the users also tend to have a long sleep times. The amount of time used by the crystal meth user for resting is normally equal to the time he spent for being wide awake.

(6) People who are addicted to crystal meth sometimes feel chemically-induced schizophrenia and toxic psychosis.

This drug has a devastating affect on the lives of those who do it and those around them. So stay informed and look for the next part of this series.

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