Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What you need to know about the killer drug…Crystal Meth.: Part 2

Meth is an illegal and an addictive drug and has a direct effect on the nervous system. When inhaled, crystal meth carries toxic substances to the human body.

The drug meth comes in several different forms, one of which is described below:

(1) One kind of meth is crystalline in shape and is mostly transparent and shiny in appearance. They look like sugar crystals. (that is where the name crystal comes from)

(2) It is inhaled via the use of one-chambered glass containers or what is called a meth pipe.

(3) When the meth is heated up by using micro torches (high powered lighters) or ordinary cigarette lighters, it turns into vapor right after forming a liquid puddle.

(4) This sort of meth begins to react in the body quickly, within 3 to 5 seconds. Within seconds the meth affect the nervous system. Its effects, which are visibly noticed, normally last for around eight to twenty-four hours.

There is one more type of methamphetamine available today and they go by the names yellow, smack, speed, crank, and grit.

Be aware if you hear these terms being used. This drug has a devastating affect on the lives of those who do it and those around them.

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