Friday, March 27, 2015

Divorce and Addiction

Moving ahead is really crucial when it comes to reconstructing your life after divorce especially if you have an addiction issue. You'll be out of it for a time, but you'll discover that you are able to rebuild yourself and learn from your mistakes as well as keep you addictions in check. It's hard to part from somebody who once was a part of who you where, but you'll find that you may move on and discover new things in your life to bring you joy and happiness. You can find a new hobby at your church, within your community, or within your home or support group.

After you've allowed yourself to grieve, you'll start to want to find other things to fill your hours. If you're the type of individual who likes to be alone, you ought to find new things to learn that you are able to do by yourself. Take an art class. Learn how to sculpt or do pottery. You may also learn how to write. You can compose a story or article about your life to describe what you're going through. You might find that your hobby could turn into something that you can go after as a career. You'll be able to spend the hours productively than sitting in front of the television set.

Some women will adopt a hobby that gets them back into interacting with other people. You may want to join a local group. You may go to the community center and join a card game once a week. If you truly want to get back into the interaction, you might want to take dance lessons. Learn how to ballroom or to do some jazz. Then you'll be able to learn something and find something new to enjoy. It will be something new to experience. If dancing doesn't sound like a great hobby,take up something else. It's good for your recovery as well.

If you were really great at a sport, you may want to become an assistant coach or coach of a local high school team or college team. You may also do some community service to fill your hours. You may do things like feed the poor; raise revenue for your church or community, or other services that are needed.

Anything that you may shift your attention to will be a good thing. You'll be able to let go of all the hurt and pain and focus on something positive and keep your recovery on track. Even if you'd like to increase your reading or do a huge puzzle, do anything that will stimulate your brain and allow you to adjust your focus. When you discover a hobby or something to focus your attention on you have less of a chance of centering on the negative or railroading your recovery. You'll be able to find a positive release.

You can take many things, many classes, at local colleges that you may do with a friend. You can learn how to cook, paint, write, or anything else that will stimulate your creative thinking. Simply remember that you need to discover something that interests you and that's convenient. You may also find hobbies around the house too. You can go antiquing with a friend or you may remodel or redecorate. Again, anything that will get you to center on the positive outlooks on life will be of benefit.

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