Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Use Of Exercise In Treating And Preventing Addiction

As of late studies have been done to find out whether or not the use of fitness equipment and exercise may help prevent drug abuse and/or assist in recovery. A few opinions on exercise equipment are that there are new grounds to believe that exercise may help prevent drug abuse. Researchers lately discovered that teens that worked out each day were more than 35% less likely to try marijuana than those adolescents that didn’t exercise. Although the causes behind this are not totally known, it adds up that adolescents that exercise and are mindful of their health might be too occupied to get mixed up with drugs or alcohol.

Working out makes us feel good about ourselves, and assists individuals in overcoming damaging thoughts that may lead to drug abuse. Physical exertion and fitness equipment like Tunturi treadmills are often a part of rehab programs, as this supplies distraction, and appears to give a shot of self-assurance and relieves tension and depression.

However a few of the researchers are now finding out why exercise assists in the fight with addiction. Physical exertion stimulates endorphins. Endorphins are in lower supply in addicts, which causes negative thoughts, which keeps them using. With the advantages of physical exertion, an addict could stop the drug abuse.

There are issues that aren't yet understood about the use of exercise in the prevention of addiction, but that there's some information that exercise assists in drug abuse prevention. Besides exercise is just good for you.

The way our youth lives today is very different from years past. TV, computers and video games have been substituted for the physical activities youngsters once loved. Fitness appears to have taken a backseat when it concerns the modern youngster. Our youngsters are becoming victims of inactive, unmotivated, unhealthy living and their health and self worth is suffering.

Instructing your youngsters on the importance of physical fitness and the use of fitness equipment is critical to preserving physical and mental health. Stopping drug abuse before it happens is always the best way to go and a healthy body and self image can go a long way for prevention. However with the new information on exercise and addictions, if you are a recovering addict remember that it it's never too late to get healthy... both physically and mentally.

Get started with some kind of fitness equipment... like a Tunturi elliptical cross trainer for example and get some exercise as soon as you can. As always... be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.
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