Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crushing Addiction Calls For A Firm Push To Keep Developing

Can An Addict Teach Us About Personal Growth:Part 2

Everybody who's on the path of development and growth to fight an addiction peters out of steam every once in a while. In recovery, we calls this complacency. What we have discovered with addicts and alcoholics, is that we're either advancing forward in our recovery, or we're stagnating our way back toward a relapse. There's no “treading water” when it concerns our progress – we must keep pushing ourselves to develop.

Once again, this is something that a lot of recovering addicts learn slowly over time, as they observe a pattern in which they slowly slip back into their stale ways. They in time find that the only way to make constant, forward advancement in recovery is to continue pushing themselves to accomplish fresh goals and achieve new things. Illustrations of this include helping new addicts in recovery, getting back to finish a college degree, or pushing themselves to get a more beneficial job. We can't stalemate and be successful in recovery. Stagnating leads to relapse. Steady development is a huge key to long term soberness.

The significances of complacency regarding personal development are very visible. While many us may read literature day-after-day regarding personal development, and many us may as well have our daily practices and routines that we’ve adopted in order to go after a more spiritual life, how much have we truly developed lately? Ask yourself: should I be reaching for something more in my life right now? Will I be fulfilled if I continue living the way I have been living recently?

Be sure to check back for the next part of our series and watch for my new upcoming book on Stress That Accompanys The Holidays.

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