Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From the Eyes of An Addicts Mother

In my time on the net, providing information about addictions that I have learned through my own experience with an addicted child, I have found that there really are not many places for parents of addicted children to truly express their real feelings on the subject without fear of being judged or put down. This goes for not just parents, but anyone who cares about or has an addict in their life.

So... The Addicts Attic, me, will be providing a new addition to the site. I will be sharing some of my personal experience and my TRUE feelings that manifested and are still coming up in some related situations today about the trials of addiction. If it turns out that I am jugged harshly by some... I guess that’s unavoidable...

But I truly believe it's time for people to have a place where they can vent their HONEST feelings and do it in a place where others can truly understand where they are coming from. A place to truly share hurts, sorrows, regrets, triumphs or to just complain and get it all out.

Please join me in sharing your personal experience by leaving comments on the posts from this series:

From the Eyes of An Addicts Mother

I really look forward to your input and sharing with you.... and you may just be helping someone else at the same time while helping yourself.

Have a great day.

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