Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stress Can Kill Your Recovery

In today’s world it seems like we hear all the time from nearly every one you know – “I’m SO stressed out!” Pressures are crazy today. Those pressures cause stress and anxiety, and often we are badly prepared to deal with those stressors that trigger anxiety and can cause relapse or add to addiction problems.

The statistics are astounding. One in eight Americans 18-54 suffers from an anxiety disorder. Research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health has shown that anxiety disorders are the number one mental health problem among American women and are second only to alcohol and drug abuse by men.

Because of this fact, in the very near future The Addicts Attic will be providing more information on stress and anxiety in the form of informative articles and an Ebook (watch for more news on that).

In the mean time there is some good recovery information in the book Willpower’s Not Enough.

Stress is a part of every day life. It’s how we respond to it that makes all the difference in maintaining our health, well-being and recovery. Pressures occur throughout life and those pressures cause stress. We need to realize that we can never completely get rid of stress in our life, but we can learn coping techniques to move us toward a healthier situation.

As well The Addicts Attic will continue to provide info on different ways you can improve recovery whether it is for you or a loved one. Remember that detox is vital and we have lots of good info on our site about detox. I’ve come across some amazing information and can’t wait to share it with you as I’ve learned so much myself.

Remember to always speak to your doctor first before using any of the information or products on the site as I want you to have the safest and best possible recovery process you can. Ask your doctor about pHion D-tox, Detoxification Complex - Capsules as they are all natural and getting some good reviews for detox.

Have a wonderful stress reduced day!

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