Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Addicts Can Love Themselves At Valentines Day Through Diet

Since meth addiction and recovery is becoming an issue for more and more people, people are looking for ways to end the horrible cycle. There are some simple things you can do to make your recovery easier, and at the same time you will be showing yourself some love at Valentines Day.

One way to show yourself some love is to provide your body with healthy food. Like lots of us you may have not been taught healthy food habits, and while you were using you Sure weren’t eating healthy. Learn some new healthy food habits, and you can give a little love to yourself and your body.

There's a lot of new good information in healthy eating habits. You don’t have to starve yourself. This is important for those who are worried that they will put on a little weight and where using drugs to stay thin. As well, it’s said now that you don't even have to avoid fats or carbohydrates. In fact, the right fats and carbohydrates are actually needed to strengthen your body.

To love yourself at Valentines Day, or any other day, with a healthy diet can be simple. Eat the right foods at the right time. The following are some simple tips you can get started with immediately:

  • Be sure to drink plenty of pure water. This means ounces per day equaling half of your body weight.
  • Be sure to eat 5 meals per day, smaller ones that are highly nutritious.
  • Be sure to eat high fiber foods like berries, apples, brown rice and nuts. This will also help with liver detox.
  • Be sure to eat good fats with essential fatty acids.
  • Be sure to eat good carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also good for detox.
  • Be sure to check with your doctor before starting a new eating plan.

Making good changes in your eating habits may be more difficult after having bad ones for a while, but it is not impossible. The most important reason it is not impossible is because the fear of illness is one of the strongest motivators for humans. Illness is a certainty if we don’t take good care of ourselves during recovery, whether it be in the form of physical sickness or relapse.

Healthy eating will not only aid in your recovery from meth or whatever substance abuse problem you are struggling with, but it will lead to improving your overall health. By improving your health, you have a greater chance of not having a relapse.
As always….believe in yourself and Expect the best!

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  1. There is light at the end of the tunnel, never stop trying, reach out for help...
    10 yrs clean