Friday, January 23, 2009

Vital Facts About Our Purpose And Victories To Remember

Two thoughts have been brought to my attention on the subject of ‘why are we here’. The first comes from the insight of early philosophy, spirituality, and religious studies and the second from today’s positive psychology awareness. #1 says our key purpose is to live a first-rate life by worshiping whatever God is to us and treating others as we would ourselves. #2 says our reason for being is to be truly happy. However, there is a third thought; growing, learning, and finding out how to be truthfully victoriuos in our lives or battles with addiction and how we are living our life to fulfill that idea.

Vital facts about our purpose to remember:

1. Our most important ‘reason for being’ is to be victorious, but frequently our lives are a series of steps to first define accomplishment and secondly to determine how to be victorious, usually by a painful trial and error system, especially with an addiction. The majority of the uncertainty has to do with discovering what our true purpose really is. And then the test is deciding how to live our life for the greatest results. Staying focused on that main concern without getting sideswiped with all the humorous distractions, can easily lead us off the path.

2. There is no ignoring the practice of deciding how our own achievements compare with others, but trying to “keep up with the Jones’s” seems to never stop. At some point we all have to discover our own personal meaning of what victory really is. Eventually, victory, just like joy, turns out to be what you gain from doing what you have to get there. As with anything else that means something, we’re the only one who knows if we truly have it our not; it is or it isn’t and there’s truly is no in between that someone else can decide for you.

3. The policy for victory in life has already been laid out and a main struggle in life is to find out what these policies are. Using the right policies correctly leads to victory, and the opposite leads to everything else. It’s actually that simple, but we can misuse a lot of precious time by trying to make up our own rules or throw away even more time by not learning from our mess-ups and continuing them. However, the way to recognize what something truly is, is to know what it truly isn’t first. The pathway, especially to recovery, can be long, full of twists and turns, full of obstacles and full of dead ends for some of us. And naturally our pride or ego, regularly keeps us from seeing the genuine reality. More times than not we have wrong and partial perceptions, viewpoints, thinking and conclusions which we hardly ever want to face up to or admit to.

4. Becoming optimistic, cheerful and hopeful about victory is essential in actually achieving it, but staying this way all the time is easier said than done, especially if you have an addiction. Repeatedly, you have to be more conscious of your own thinking and emotions and begin catching yourself when you are thinking and feeling faint hints of disapproval and doubts. These could be making you unable to achieve your victory, whatever it is. Turning these faint negative feelings into a positive thing can be a slow and agonizing process.

No doubt, there are degrees of victory, but when these facts are known, accepted and used in your life, doubts start to dissolve.

Vital tips on how to use these facts in order to be more victorious:

1. Remember what it is that you eventually want out of your life (ask why until there’s nowhere for the answer to hide), or what you’re doing to get there, until it becomes apparent without a doubt. Then think about how victorious you are by knowing what victory really is to you, what progress you’re making getting there, and how this all makes you feel.

2. Get yourself moving away from the accepted mentality of comparing yourself to others and begin focusing on what it takes to better yourself to move closer to where you want to be and not where you are. Remember to be grateful for any forward movement you make, no matter how tiny.

3. Realize the worth of slowing down and noticing the tie between what you now think your purpose is, what you’re doing now to fulfill that, and the real outcome you’re getting. Do this in a totally open, truthful and sincere way. Connect to your sober mind and emotions to notice the existence and impact of faint negativity.

4. Always remember where the potential and opportunity for being victorious comes from and constantly grow your humble admiration of this ultimate truth that makes the whole thing possible.

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