Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How To Recognize Someone Lost In Self Abuse

Self abuse, also known as ‘cutting’, is a sad and dangerous phenomenon. This way of dealing with pain is closely related to addiction and may be an addiction in itself.

Read on to find out to recognize the symptoms so that you may be able to help someone who is in this destructive holding pattern.

For many, the thing most puzzling about self-abuse is the contradiction: Self abusers, or ‘cutters’, hurt themselves in order to feel better….. Endorphins are released. Experts say that when people who self abuse become emotionally overwhelmed. They use a self-inflicted injury to break the tension, allowing them to focus on something other than the emotion they're feeling. Experts also say that this is a coping technique that is developed early in childhood. At times, ‘cutters’ injure themselves to the point of no return……death.

Signs of someone who participates in self abuse or ‘cutting’:

* Wearing of long-sleeves or pants in warm weather

* Explaining away frequent minor injuries as accidents or cat scratches

* Withdrawn or depressed behavior

* Inability to freely express emotions

* Difficulty in handling intense feelings

Answer true or false to these questions to find out if you may be suffering from self-abuse:

* I often obsess about self abuse.

* I sometimes can't explain where my injuries come from.

* I get anxious when my wounds start to heal.

* I often believe that if I don't hurt myself, I'll go crazy.

* No one can hurt me more than I can hurt myself.

* I can't imagine life without self-injury.

* If I stop self abuse, my parents win.

* I often self abuse as a way to punish myself.

* I often self abuse to show others how I feel.

* I often believe that if I don't hurt myself I'll explode.

* I almost always carry something with me that I can use to hurt myself.

If you can, or you know someone who can answer true to any of these questions…..Seek Professional Help! It could be the difference between life and death.

Where to find help:


Self Injury Help

Self-injury: You are NOT the only one

Self-Injury: An Addiction
(WARNING: This Video Could Be TRIGGERING For Those Who Self Harm) Get Help NOW!

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