Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life-A Poem (Trapped By Addiction)

Our youth are feeling lost.... and the feeling of aloneness and desperation gets amplified by the use of drugs.

This generation of young adults seems to have a never before seen sense of nothingness. You'll see it across the board, from 2 parent families, single parent families, the wealthy, the poor, the prominent and the everyday work a day world.

Of course we all went through our hard times trying to grow up and the feeling of being lost when we were trying to figure out who we were. However, when one adds drugs to the equation it deepens the effects!

This was written by a young person I know.... A bright, good looking young person who has everything to live for.


By Sterling

Its filled with hurt, filled with pain
Dealing with the same problems on a daily basis
Wandering around aimless with not a damn thing to gain

Others tell me to put a smile on my face
They say its not that bad
But do they know what it's like
To wish to be covered with a body bag

I wonder
Will things ever change?
Or will I live life
With happiness completely out of my range

As I sit and think the anger sets in
A demon constantly stands at the foot of my bed
Its only goal
Is to take over my head

I can only take so much
The pain is to deep, so I turn to the drugs
All I really ever wanted
Is a life full of love and hugs

Having dreams
of slit wrists
myself dying
my stomach twists

Numerous sleepless nights
Drenched in sweat with suicide on my mind
I cannot find help
I look for it with no luck, it is as if I am blind

I fall into the dark
It begins to consume my soul
I cannot break free
Inside my body there is constantly an empty hole

I believe everyone in this life
Has a reason to exist, but not me
People with careers are happy
But I wonder in 5 years where will I be?

But the answer is clear, almost obvious
Probably in a hole in the ground or in a cell
So I ask myself
Should I end it myself and end this living hell

The moral of the story....just like the ads say.....Not Even Once! You could get into a place you will have a very hard time getting out of.....if you can at all.

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